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Helpful info for those learning Linux

These Linux tips are meant to provide just enough
information to whet your appetite for more. 
They are updated frequently and are not presented
in any particular order.
There is a site-search box at the end of this page.

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The First Things To Know:
ISOs and md5sum
Checksum ISOs in Windows
Burning ISOs
Windows Tools: Burning ISOs
Windows Tools: Gparted
Md5sum of already burned CDs
Check CD Script
SHA-1 Checksums
Live CDs ( distros that run from CD )
Basic rules for install
Change the BIOS settings
Making a boot floppy
Boot/Rescue CD
Formatting Floppy and Zip disks
The Tree
Runaway Processes ( and how to kill them )
Skinny Elephants ( if all else fails )
Copy and paste
The "reset"-button
Updating your distro
Su and Root ( the difference )
Install cheatcodes
Lost user password
Lost Root password
Tricks in KDE home
The Linux Counter
Ultimate Boot CD
Backing-Up the MBR
Restoring the XP MBR
Removing Vista boot option
The Command "Info"

The Terminal/Console:
The Console/Terminal
VI and Emacs
Vi ( Revisited )
Bash history
Bash script
Tab completion
Ctrl+C ( Stop Processing Command )
File permissions
Changing file permissions
Umask ( Advanced permissions )
Suid, Sticky and Chattr ( Advanced permissions )
The whatis command
Handy console commands
Hardlinks and symlinks
Again, handy file commands
The command less
A simple backup script
Redirections ( and the black hole: /dev/null )
Basic machine information
Hardware info commands
Getting in textmode and shutting down X
The "links" browser
fstab and mtab
Mount and umount
Grep is for searching within a file
Global expressions
Regular expressions
The "PATH"
Splitting large files
Md5sum Trick
The Host Command
CDrecord and Kernel 2.6
Tweak the command "ls -l"
Transparent Console
The Find Command
Find and Replace with Sed
Diff and Cmp (Find the difference)
Diff, Find and Md5sum
DirDiff Script ( Diff the content of 2 directories )
Head and Tail
The Groups Command
Shred ( really delete )
Back- and Foreground Processes
The Command "File"
FTP on the Commandline
What Day was Yesterday ?
Ldconfig ( Where are the Libs ? )
Easy Config File Backup
Make ISO from CD
The "at" Command
Kdesu and gksu
Counting words ( The "wc" command )
Change your Shell
The dd command

Installing Software:
Installing software RPM
Installing software TGZ
Installing software tarballs
Installing Software YUM for Fedora
Installing software URPMI ( Part 1 )
Installing software URPMI ( Part 2 )
URPMI Sources in Mandrake 9.2
URPMI Sources in Mandrake 10.0 Official
URPMI Sources in Mandrake 10.1 Official
URPMI Sources in Mandriva 2005 LE
URPMI Sources in Mandriva 2006
URPMI Sources in Mandriva 2007
Mandrake Club URPMI
Searching software in MCC ( Mandrake only )
Penguin Liberation Front Cheat-codes
Updating your urpmi-sources
Lost URPMI Distribution Sources
SRPMs ( Source RPMs )
RPM, Special tricks
Urpmq and urpmf
What is in that package ?
Installing Firefox in Linux
Version numbers
Re-install and upgrades
Corrupt RPM database
Searching software ( All distro´s )
Ximian Red Carpet
TAR Unpacking Packages
Swaret ( For Slackware )
Apt-Get and Swaret on Dial-up
Installing a Kernel-Source

File System:
Primary, Extended and Logical Partitions
File systems
Partitioning Tools ( And which ones not to use )
Diskdrake Part 1
Diskdrake Part 2
Navigating the filesystem and simple commands
Mounting DOS/Windows partitions
Important config files and directories
USB memory sticks and digital cameras
ISO to zip-drive
Press Y Within 5 Seconds
File System Commands
FSCK ( Filesystem check )
File System Check 2 ( fsck )
Auto fsck
Damaged Superblock
Fdisk ( fdisk-partition tool )
Bad Blocks
Access Linux Partitions from Windows
MBR - Hard Disk Layout

Configuring Your System:
Cronjobs and the Cron-daemon
Cron and Anacron
User Related Cronjobs
The Lilo bootloader
Multiboot Lilo
Password Protect Lilo
Redo Lilo / Redo MBR ( PCLos )
Lilo, Booting in Runlevel 3
Grub, The Bootloader
Multiboot Grub
Grub, booting runlevel 3
Configuring your networkcard
Config commands in RedHat ( and Fedora )
Dmesg debug messages
CPU Info
Configuring and compiling the kernel
Log files cleaning
Installing Macromedia Flash Plugin
Installing Java Plugin
Initscript Services ( chkconfig )
Changing Hostname
Changing Hostname in Damn Small Linux
Sharing Firefox and Thunderbird Config

Fine Tuning Your System:
Tweaking the prompt
Multimedia keys in Linux
Extra mouse buttons
Network status mii-diag
Ugly fonts in
Disable the OpenOffice.Org splash screen
OpenOffice Quickstarter
Speed Up OpenOffice
Tweak Evolution
Tweaking Vi
Hdparm ( Harddisk performance )
3D acceleration test
Memory test
Configure X
Running XFdrake
nVidia Drivers
Sensors in Gkrellm
Tweaking the Bootsplash
Extra Firefox Prefs
System Notifications Failure
Xlib Error
Tweaking MTU Settings
CD Spellcheck
Init ( Startup Scripts )
No Capslock
Numlock in XFCE, IceWM and Fluxbox
Numlock in Text-Mode
ScreenShot Script

Services Started at Boot
Servers and Services
Rootkit Checkers
AV Software, and why you don't need it
F-Prot AV scanner for Linux
Browsers & Privacy
Mandriva Security Settings ( MSEC )

Modems and Linux
Fast Ethernet cards ( NIC´s )
Conexant dial-in PCI modem in RedHat
Hardware Databases
Win-Drivers for Wlan Cards
Problematic Canon Printers

Wireless Networking:
WiFi Support ( Mandrake and PCLos )
Configure NDISwrapper in the Control Center
Configuring Wireless USB
Finding a WiFi Card ( Linux Compatible )

Distro Specific:
Slackware Tips 1
Slackware Tips 2
Slackware Tips 3
Slackware Tips 4
Slackware Tips 5
Damn Small Linux HD install
Damn Small Linux: MyDSL
Damn Small Linux from USB, Saving Personal Files
Damn Small Linux from USB, Saving MyDSL Extensions
Installing RedHat ( first time )
Fedora Core 6 Install
Knoppix cheat-codes
More Knoppix cheatcodes
Ubuntu Rescue Mode
Extra fonts in Mandrake
Mandrake/Mandriva Update CD
Store and Sync Mandriva Updates Locally
Local Mail in Mandriva
Mandrake 9.2 Install
Mandrake 10.0 Official Install
Mandrake 10.1 Official Install
Mandriva 2005 LE Install
Mandriva 2006 Install
Mandriva 2007 Install
Alternative Mandriva Install
Running XFdrake
PCLos 5 Tips
PCLos Tweaks ( 5 and 7 )
PCLos 8 Tips
PCLos 9 Tips
PCLos 92 Performance Tweaks
Redo Lilo / Redo MBR ( PCLos )

General Info:
Start New Session
A ( tiny ) keyboard tip
Gkrellm, mailcheck and sound
Gkrellm weather applet
Keyboard shortcuts
Commandline mp3 player
Shoutcast-Stream to MP3
Backup your Windows in Linux
Navigating windows partitions
Linux User Groups ( LUGs )
CD ripping with konqueror
Screen savers in KDE
Index.dat ( the secret Windows files )
Backup mail Evolution
RSS feeds, Linux related
Printing Man Pages
Atomic Clock
Hidden Messages
VoIP with Kphone
SoundCheck Script
Spamassassin Tweaks
Booting in Runlevel 3 ( Trick with Lilo )
Looping an ISO
Automatic Time Syncing
Printing Web Pages as .txt
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