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For the install of a Linux distro´s we will have to change the BIOS settings.
Most important changes are:
1) The value for ¨PnP aware OS¨ has to be set to ¨NO¨
2) And the order the BIOS looks for boot options . . ( the MBR is mostly on IDE 0, we want to boot from CD ) We will have to put the CD-ROM on the first place, the floppy and the IDE 0 in second and third place. After the install we can put the BIOS settings back as they were before.

Some people have some serious problems getting in the BIOS, some computer brands are making it really difficult, so here is an overview of the different options related to the brand PC:
( took the quotes out of several threads in the Linux and Hardware forum )

QUOTE (zlim @ Forum Jun 21 2003)

You may find this helpful. Various way to access BIOS on lots of computers:
AMI/Award: [Delete] during boot
Toshiba: [Esc]during boot
Toshiba, Phoenix, Late model PS/1 Value Point & 330: [F1] during boot
Compaq: [F10] When blinking cursor jumps to top right corner of screen
Compaq: [F10] when logo screen is displayed
NEC: [F2] during boot
IBM PS/2: with reference partition-[Insert] during boot
IBM PS/2: Need reference disk and ADF disk for setup
Emachine: [Tab] during boot
some Dells: reset button twice (I suppose this means power reset button)
Misc computers: [Ctrl]+[Alt]
Dell: [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Enter]
AST Advantage, Award, Tandon: [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Esc]
Zenith, Phoenix: [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Ins]
Phoenix: [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[S]
Olivetti PC Pro: [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+ Num Pad [Del]
Misc computers: [Ctrl]+[Esc]
Some PS/2: [Ctrl]+[Ins] when pointer at top right of screen
Phoenix: [Ctrl]+[S]
Tandon 386: [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Esc]
Sony VIAO SZ Series: [Esc] followed by [F2]

QUOTE (-ct- @ Forum Jun 4 2003)
HP [F2]

QUOTE (Rons @ Forum Jul 29 2003)
Gateway systems using Phoenix BIOS  [F1]

QUOTE (Nilson @ Forum Aug 12 2003)
To access the BIOS on a Sony Vaio 320 series, press [F2] during boot.

QUOTE (prairiedock @ Forum Oct 23 2003)
IBM thinkpad [F1]

QUOTE (Martinultima @ Forum Aug 2004)
On my Dell Dimension L566cx system, [Esc] will get out of the splash screen  and [Del] is the key to get into setup.

* If you have a computer that is not listed here and you do know the code, please send me a PM and I will be glad to add it to the list.


-- Aug 7 2003 ( Revised Aug 25 2009 ) --

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