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SHA-1 is the successor of MD5 ( Read about MD5 here ) and is a tool to check the integrity of your downloads.
The SHA-1 algorithm is the brainchild of the US-based National Security Agency (NSA)

Basically it works the same as the MD5, a SHA-1 file is available on the FTP server where you downloaded your ISOs and when opening it you will see a string of numbers that you compare to the output of the command:

$ sha1sum /home/bruno/downloaded.iso

The string you get from this command typically looks like:


You compare it to the string you find in the SHA-1 file on the FTP mirror. If both of them are identical you can be sure your downloaded ISO is okay and you can burn it to a CD.


NOTE: Windows users can download a tool Here to check MD5 and SHA1 hashes. ( works in all flavors of windows )

-- Jun 21 2005 ( Revised Dec 9 2005 ) --

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