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Julia ( aka teacher ) sent us the following Tip:

A couple of our penguins have recommended some Windows-based tools that can make the difference between a tough install and an easy install.

Liz “zlim” recommended a program called Micro CD Burner You can download it here. This program works in windows and allows you to quickly and easily burn an ISO image correctly. You simply click on the “Burn ISO” tab and a new window opens up. Then click on the Drive tab just below the menu and use the drop down to identify your burner. Click the “Burn ISO” link at the top, locate your ISO image and you are on your way. This is a program that you may test or purchase.

Arctucus recommends a program called “DeepBurner” Download it here. It has both a free and a professional version. You simply click on “Burn ISO Image" when you open it and you are then in business.

Pedro Sanchez sent us to For ISOs you only need to "load iso", click burn and be done. Burnatonce is small (less than 4 MB) and it's free.


-- Mrt 19 2006 --

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