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Here is a clever trick Jason ( linuxdude32 ) brought to my attention:

For doing the checksum, if both the .ISO file and the .md5 file are downloaded to the same directory:
( first “cd” to that directory )

$ md5sum -c damnsmall-0.4.8.md5

Will return to the screen:

QUOTE (Text @ Screen)
damnsmall-0.4.8.iso : OK

Then you can immediately do:

$ cdrecord dev=/dev/hdc damnsmall.iso

( NOTE:The dev=/dev/hdc can be different on your system, see Tip cdrecord )

This burns the ISO to a fresh CD, then if you leave the CD in the burner and reboot, you will be in the new D Small Linux the minute after.


NOTE: This fancy trick works only if both iso and md5 file are in the right condition . . . . if not, you better try it the old way:

$ cat name_of_ file.md5
$ md5sum name_of_file.iso

And compare the two strings you get from those commands.

-- Oct 9 2003 ( Revised Dec 10 2005 ) --

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