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Here is a nice program to give a try: ¨links¨
Open a console and type:

$ links

and hit enter.

Links is a very fast browser that is purely text based, works also outside X, you could do Ctrl+Alt+ F1 to leave X and do the browsing pure in text. ( Alt+F7 will get you back to X )

The arrow keys make you jump, link to link and the enter key selects the link.

Some command options for link are:

-download-dir <path>
Default download directory.
(default: actual dir)

Restrict links so that it can run on an anonymous account.
No local file browsing. No downloads. Executing of viewers
is allowed, but user can't add or modify entries in
association table.

ESC              display menu
^C                quit ( ^ is the sign for the Ctrl key )
^P                scroll up (text mode)
^N                scroll down
[, ]                 scroll left, right
up, down      select link (text mode)
->                 follow link (text mode), scroll right (graphics mode)
<-                 go back (text mode), scroll left (graphics mode)
z                   go back
g                   go to url
G                  go to url based on current url
^G               go to url based on current link
/                   search
?                   search back
n                   find next
N                  find previous
=                  document info
\                    document source
d                   download
q                   quit or close current window
Alt-1 .. Alt-9  switch virtual screens (svgalib and framebuffer)

You might say, well I prefer Mozilla . . . but just imagine your X is broken and you have to download a file to fix it and install it. Links might just prove itself in that kind of situations.
Or you have an old P I with little memory, and install a distro without X, an only text-based distro . . . links ( and also lynx, another text based browser ) will permit you to browse and download extra software.


-- Jun 19 2003 ( Revised Dec 10 2005 ) --
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