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Step by step instruction

Because installing Firefox is different from all other install-routines I made a step by step instruction for it.

- Download the file to your "/home/bruno" directory

You can get the lastest file Here
( Get the one for Linux and the file that ends on .tar.bz2 )

- After downloading it go to your home directory, open a terminal/konsole and type:

$ su
< password >
# mv firefox* /usr/local/bin/
# cd /usr/local/bin/
# tar -jxvf firefox*

- Log out root with the keys: Ctrl+D

- Type "kmenuedit" and you'll get a GUI where you can add an entry in --> Internet --> Web Browsers.

( NOTE: kmenuedit is for KDE based distros . . for distros that use the Gnome desktop use either "alacarte" or the "gnome-menu-editor" )

- Make a new menu entry, call it Firefox and fill in as command: /usr/local/bin/firefox/firefox

- Save

- Close kmenuedit

- Close the terminal

- And have a look in your "menu" it should be there !
( you can drag a shortcut from the menu on your desktop or "taskbar" )

- If everything works okay you can delete the .tar.bz2 package from /usr/local/bin:

# rm /usr/local/bin/*.tar.bz2

Happy browsing !


-- May 21 2003 ( Revised Dec 19 2008 ) --

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