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SEARCHING SOFTWARE ( all distro's )

Last time I wrote about searching software packages for Mandrake, today we do a general round-up.

Searching for software is relatively easy in Linux because there are a few places that act like huge warehouses where all the packages can be found.

Most important resource is Freshmeat
as they have a search engine on their site that will find you any package you like, be it in tarball, .rpm, or .deb format.

Tarball is universal for all Linux distro´s ( but there is a difference between the .tar.gz format and the .tgz one that is special for Slackware and VectorLinux ) Sourceforge foundries is a good place to look.
Also the ftp sites from the specific distros have plenty of extra packages.

RPM is ¨RedHat Package Management¨ was originally developed for RedHat but today also used for Mandrake and SuSE ( most of the time there is a difference between RPMs for Mandrake or RedHat so see to it that you get the right one ) A special search engine for RPMs is:

As .deb are Debian specific packages, you get them though apt-get at the Debian mirrors but also on sourceforge and freshmeat.

An enormous resource for all thats related to music and sound is the site you should really go and have a look there, it´s amazing what you can get from that site. ( no ZZ Top MP3s though, actually no music files at all, but everything to make them. )

If you are looking for a package and the Freshmeat search engine can´t find it because you do not know the name of it . . . try google/linux

More resources:
Linux Games
Linux HQ
Kernel Archives
Window Managers

If after trying all this, you still do not find the software you´re after . . . . just post a topic on the All Things Linux Forum and we´ll get everybody searching for you !


-- Jul 22 2003 ( Revised Dec 11 2005 ) --

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