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SWARET ( For Slackware )

Swaret is magical and an easy script designed to help keep your Slackware System up-to-date.
It downloads, upgrades and installs packages, patches, sources and much more!
Swaret includes dependency support, as well as it tracks and fixes missing libraries.
There is no better tool to keep your Slackware up to date and sane.

Get the latest ( stable version ) Swaret: OR The 1.6.2-noarch-1.tgz is here

By mistake the file on the mirror is named swaret-1.6.2-noarch-1.tgz.tar so we have to rename the file in order to remove the last part ( .tar ):

# mv swaret-1.6.2-noarch-1.tgz.tar swaret-1.6.2-noarch-1.tgz

Next you can install it:

# installpkg swaret-1.6.2-noarch-1.tgz

( Adapt version number with the one you downloaded )

Configure it:

# cp /etc/ /etc/swaret.conf

Edit the /etc/swaret.conf file, first set the version:

QUOTE (swaret.conf @ file)
# NOTE: If you want to use Slackware Linux Current,
# set VERSION to 'current' (VERSION=current).

VERSION=??.? <---------------------------------------------- Put the version you use here !

NOTE: Switching to current is experimental and is not advised for new users.
( Attention dial-up users, upgrading to “current” will download more then 800 MB packages. So my advice is keep the version you downloaded/installed. )

And next: "EXCLUDE=alsa"

QUOTE (swaret.conf @ file)
# Basic Exclude 

EXCLUDE=lilo swaret 
EXCLUDE=alsa    <----------------------------------------------- add this one !!

And for resolving dependencies, replace these lines:
QUOTE (swaret.conf @ file)

QUOTE (swaret.conf @ file)

Finally, here is how to update/upgrade:

# swaret --update
# swaret --upgrade -a

( -a is for automatic . . . dial-up users prefer not to use this )

A few basic commands:
swaret --update ( updates list of packages )
swaret --list ( shows packages list )
swaret --upgrade -a ( upgrades system -a automatically )
swaret --remove xxxxx ( removes packages xxxxx )
swaret --install xxxxx ( installs package xxxxx )


NOTE for dial-up up users: Dial-up users have to change another line in the /etc/swaret.conf as well: Change NIC=eth0 to NIC=ppp0

QUOTE (swaret.conf @ file)
# Network Settings
# Network Interface
# Use this if you have a Network Interface.
NIC=ppp0 <--------------------------------------------------------------------- Here
# Local Interface
# Use this if you do not have a Network Interface.

PS: The Swaret FAQ and the Swaret forum are here:

Old Swaret HowTo: Old HowTo
Old Swaret FAQ: Old FAQ
Old Swaret Man: Old Man Pages

-- Feb 25 2004 ( Revised Mar 31 2008 ) --

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