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ATTENTION: Project is dead !!

The ¨Red Carpet¨ is an install/update system for Ximian, works with a GUI and checks the installed packages and the version of it on your system, and presents you the updates, new packages, additional packages etc.
There is all sorts of extra, a search function, an install history and an installed/available software function. It checks the dependencies automatically and if you´re up to date.
Makes the install and download a job you can do in your sleep.

It´s free and you don´t have to register . . .

For more info go to the Ximian Website

Download page: Here
Here you have to choose your distro from the drop down list. ( Debian, Mandrake,SuSE, RedHat and a few more . . . . . . but no Slackware  )

There are 3 packages you have to download.
( For Mandrake 9.1 it was: )

Now we will install those packages, open a console and ¨cd¨ to the directory where you downloaded the files and install them in this order:

$ su
< root password >

# rpm -Uvh rcd-1.4.4-0.ximian.6.1.i586.rpm

# rpm -Uvh red-carpet-2.0.1-0.ximian.6.1.1.i586.rpm

# rpm -Uvh rug-1.4.4-0.ximian.6.1.i586.rpm

Now all you have to do is type:

# red-carpet

The first time you get two dialogs, choose:
this system ( not remote ! )
start deamon = yes

And you get the GUI of the Red Carpet
Next time only typing ¨red-carpet¨ will do the trick.

That´s all, have fun !!


-- Jul 24 2003 ( Project is dead ) --

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