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We all know that you can easily access your Windows partitions from Linux, but that the other way around is a problem. There is good news for the dual-booters, Alphaomega sent me the next interesting note:

QUOTE (alphaomega @ forum)
Have you ever needed to access a Linux ext2/ext3 Partition from Windows?
You can with the help of Explore2fs !

When I first started with Linux... I set up my machine to dual boot with Windows XP Home and Mandrake Linux just in case I had problems...I could still get into Windows.

Well wouldn't you know it...I had problems being the noobie that I was so I kept having to jump into Windows to get on-line and look stuff up.

That is when I realized that I could not access my Linux partitions from within Windows...until I found explore2fs. This utility allows you to access your Linux partitions from Windows. It has a explorer like interface and navigation is similar to that of Windows Explorer. I have used it in Windows 98 SE and Windows XP Home and have not had any problems. I have not put the program to any heavy duty testing...just copying over a few files here and there when the need arises and it has not given me any problems. (YMMV so be sure to check out the ReadMe).

For more information about Explore2fs see:



Note: Explore2fs works only for Ext2 and Ext3 partitions. It is supposed to work in Win 9x, ME, NT4.0, 2000, XP and server 2003. You simply unzip the file in Windows and you are set up to browse your Linux partitions.
Also I would like to point out that the program only provides "read" access . . . no "read/write" access.

Thanks for the tip Omega !


-- Nov 15 2005 --

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