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They say that Linux is tweaker's heaven, here is why:
All of the configuration files are readable and quiete easy to understand, here is a list of the most common files and a short description what they are about. ( go on, do have a look with "cat" )

/etc/bashrc =settings for the bash shell trough the system

/etc/crontab =setting for the cron-jobs ( remember the jobs that run in the middle of the night ? )

/etc/cups =the printer settings ( if you use lpr instead of cups: /etc/printcap )

/etc/fstab = filesystem table

/etc/inittab = the default runlevel

/etc/lilo.conf = the configuration of the boot loader ( /boot/grub if you use grub instaed of lilo )

/etc/modules.conf = the modules to load at boot

/etc/profile = programs started at boot

/etc/rc.d = the different runlevels and shotcuts to programs to load at that level

/etc/ssh = the ssh settings for secure remote acces

/etc/X11/XF86Config = the X configuration ( GUI )

~/.bash_profile = aliases and variables for the bash shell

~/.bashrc = personal settings for the bash shell

~/.evolution = your mail, adresses and settings for evolution

~/.galeon = you bookmarks and settings for galeon

~/.gnome = your personal gnome settings

~/.gnome2 = more gnome settings

~/.kde = your peronal settings for kde

~/Mail = here are your mail and mail settings if you use kmail

~/.mozilla = personal mozilla settings, bookmarks etc.

~/.ssh = personal ssh settings

~/.exrc = your settings for the vi editor

We will have a good look at these files and what clever tricks we can do with some of them, later in the thread !


-- May 1 2003 ( Revised Nov 27 2006 ) --

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