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It´s not that I want you all start tinkering with the kernel, but for the very curious ones amongst us:
If you download the kernel sources to your /usr/src directory you can compile the kernel yourself and adapt it to the specific needs of your system.
The things that could be said about compiling your own kernel are too many for the Tips. ( See the links below for deeper info ) I just want to give you a quick starter to go by.

In shorthand:

# cd /usr/src/<directory of your new kernel>
# make mrproper
# make menuconfig or make xconfig ( with xconfig you get a GUI )
# make dep
# make bzImage ( watch it the i from image is a capital i ! )
# make modules
# make modules_install

Then copy /boot/vmlinuz to vmlinuz.old
Then copy /usr/src/<dir. new kernel>/arch/i386/boot/bzImage to /boot/vmlinuz
Then copy /usr/src/<dir. new kernel>/arch/i386/boot/ to /boot/
Edit your /etc/lilo.conf or /boot/grub/menu.lst to add a configuration line for your new kernel. ( leave the old part in there and point it to vmlinuz.old, in case of troubles you can always boot the old one )
If using lilo run /sbin/lilo

That should be it !

Must read: Sourceforge. More info: Linuxplanet. Good Howto with screenshots: BitbenderForums

QUOTE (Bruno @ Forum June 6 2003)
every six month a new kernel will be in your distro from the start, I do not really see any good in upgrading your kernel in between ( unless you´re a real hardcore tweaker and are prepared for some ¨extra¨ work . . ). I did it once, long ago, took me two days to get the new kernel to be accepted without the ¨panic¨ in the first place and adapted to my wishes/needs it in the second place. Since that day I´m the lazy kind of guy and wait till the new Boxed CD´s are delivered at my door. I do like tweaking and fiddling my system . . . . but there are limits to the fun.

QUOTE (Jong357 @ Forum June 12 2003)
also don't update the Kernel.... Many things are dependent on the Kernel version. Every six months there will be a new release anyway, so why bother.....


-- Jun 25 2003 ( Revised Jun 10 2007 ) --

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