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If, like me, you often make typos and find this annoying when typing cd commands here is the right Tip for you:

$ shopt -s cdspell

This will turn on autocorrection when you mistype the name of a directory . . . so when you type

$ cd /ect/X11

the autocorrection will read this as
$ cd /etc/X11

The "shopt" command will last as long as you are logged in . . . if you want it permanently you will have to add a line to your ~/.baschrc so it gets enabled at every boot.

Shopt has more nice options . . . have a look what "shopt -p" shows us:
shopt -u cdable_vars
shopt -u cdspell
shopt -u checkhash
shopt -s checkwinsize
shopt -s cmdhist
shopt -u dotglob
shopt -u execfail
shopt -s expand_aliases
shopt -u extdebug
shopt -u extglob
shopt -s extquote
shopt -u failglob
shopt -s force_fignore
shopt -u gnu_errfmt
shopt -u histreedit
shopt -u histappend
shopt -u histverify
shopt -s hostcomplete
shopt -s huponexit
shopt -s interactive_comments
shopt -u lithist
shopt -u login_shell
shopt -u mailwarn
shopt -u no_empty_cmd_completion
shopt -u nocaseglob
shopt -u nullglob
shopt -s progcomp
shopt -s promptvars
shopt -u restricted_shell
shopt -u shift_verbose
shopt -s sourcepath
shopt -u xpg_echo

If you want to know exactly what all of those options do, have a look in "man bash" in the section "Shell Bulletin Commands" under "shopt"


-- Sep 6 2005 ( Revised Dec 13 2005 ) --

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