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( With help from Neil - steeler fan for life )

Since Firefox is the smaller offspring of Mozilla, many of Mozilla's cluttered menus and its UI for everything have been removed. However, the underlying settings are many times still available if you know how to get to them. We can do that via the URL about:config

When you open about:config, you'll see a giant list of prefs. You could scroll through the whole thing, or you can use the Filter at the top (much easier). It updates live (each letter you type takes away non-relevant entries), so you don't have to type much to find prefs.

Firefox mouse wheel to open links in tab and close tabs by clicking on it:

Addressbar: about:config
Filter: mouse

middlemouse.contentLoadURL                                   value = false

To hide the UI for what is known as "Single Window Mode"

Addresbar: about: config
Filter: browser.tabs

browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs              value = true

Max number of popups that can be loaded at any one time

Addressbar: about: config
Filter: dom.popup

dom.popup_maximum                                                   value = 10


Addressbar: about: config
Filter: smoothscroll

general.smoothScroll                                                    value = true

Online banking: ( Maybe only in Europe )
Works on sites where you have to type in information ( more then only nickname and password ) to go to the next level.

Make exception in pop-up blocker for the address of the bank ( in options, webfeatures )

Addressbar: about: config
Filter: cache

browser.cache.check_doc_frequency                          value = 1

Addressbar: about: config
Filter: alive

network.http.keep-alive                                                value = false
network.http.proxy.keep-alive                                      value = false

All prefs set in about:config take effect immediately (you don't even have to restart the browser !)

Thanks to Neil for his input ! ( See also Here )


-- Dec 1 2004 ( Revised Dec 13 2005 ) --

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