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( By mrselfdestruct )

If you have ever wondered about the status of your network connection ie. if Full-Duplex is in effect. I ran across a simple program that shows you statistics about your interface.

If you go to Linux Ethercard Status, Diagnostic and Setup Utilities website, you can download the mii-diag.c source code. Once you download the source, go to the directory that you downloaded it to and type <gcc mii-diag>, assuming that you have gcc installed. If not, the Mandrake Control Center --> Software Management --> Search for gcc will install it. Assuming again, that you have a rpm source setup correctly. Once you compile the source code, a binary will be created. When you run the program with <./mii-diag> you will get the promised statistics. Note: There are compile switches that can change the way mii-daig works. More information can be found in the documentation on the website or in the source code itself.


-- May 13 2003 --

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