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If you are using another window manager other than KDE or Gnome and you want to have numlock set at login, this tip is for you.
What you need is "numlockX" . . . a tar.gz package . . .
This little program allows you to start X with NumLock turned on

WARNING: - From the README -
Make sure this package isn't already included in your distribution ( e.g. Mandrake includes it ). If you distribution already includes NumLockX, use their package instead ( it needn't be necessarily called NumLockX, it may be e.g. part of some other package ).

KDE and Gnome already include an application to set the numlock so don't install this package, you will have other ways to set numlock in the preferences.

Here is what you do:

$ tar -xvzf numlockx-1.1.tar.gz
$ cd numlockx-1.1
$  ./configure
$  make
$ su
#  make install
#  make xsetup
#  make xinitrc

Next if you use the xfce window manager, edit the "/etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc.xfce4" file and put somewhere near the top of the file as first un-commented line:

/usr/X11R6/bin/numlockx on

then save the file, restart X and the numlock will be on.
There are files for each window manager in "/etc/X11/xinit/"  so if you use IceWM of Fluxbox you can edit those files the same as the xinitrc.xfce4.

After this tweak you can get your numbers right . . . have fun !


-- Jan 14 2007 --

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