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ATTENTION: Not yet available for OpenOffice 2.0

There is a new version of the Open Office Quickstarter and this one works !
Any OpenOffice document or new file opens in just one or two seconds!

Here is the page on Freshmeat:

Get the latest .tar.gz file

NOTE: Mandrake users can get it in the MCC if they have all the sources configured

Simply ./configure, make and make install ( as root ) and the job is done in Slackware. In Mandrake, after compiling, make a link to the application in "/home/bruno/.kde/autostart" that points to "/usr/local/kde/bin/oooqs" and then the quickstarter will be started at every boot.

Once in the autostart directory, rightclick on an empty space and select "make new" > "link to application" . . . call it oooqs and on tab 3 give it the command "/usr/local/kde/bin/oooqs". That's it!

To start it right now, without rebooting, just click on the link you just made . . . this will put an icon on the taskbar . . . . rightclick the icon and you will see the quickstart menu . .

No more complaining about slow starting OpenOffice: really believe me . . under 2 seconds for opening any OOo file . . .


-- Nov 11 2003 ( Revised Dec 13 2005 ) --

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