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In the previous tip we told you how to set up LM-Sensors, this time we will show you how to let them show in Gkrellm ( our favorite system monitor )

Right click the top of the Gkrellm GUI and you will get the Configuration GUI. Under the heading "Builtins" you will see the "Sensors" . . . before you configured LM-Sensors the little triangles in front of "Temperatures", "Fans" and "Voltages" were not there . . . but now they are, and unfolding them shows you the sensor-chip that was loaded at boot.

Ticking the boxes of the ones you want to show in Gkrellm is the first step.
Then click on the "label" . . that makes it possible to change the text of the label shown in the Gkrellm GUI.

You can change the order of appearance by dragging the lines up or down. Also you can fine tune the temperature ( if the chip is slightly off ) with the "factor" and "Offset" ( The mobo of my test system needs this badly because it is really wacky  )

Then there is the option to choose the location, if you want the CPU temps directly under the CPU usage monitor.

After that, press the "Alert" button and set at which max temperatures you desire warnings. ( or minimum Fan speed, voltage etc. )

Now press "OK" and the job is done ! Congrats !!


-- Aug 17 2004 ( Revised Dec 13 2005 ) --

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