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And here is, for this moment, the last in our series about Wireless Networking in Linux. This time a little guided tour in hardware-land by our dear Julia ( aka teacher ) who knows all the hot-spots in town.

QUOTE (Julia @ Forum 2005)

You want to go wireless but you just can not connect with your wireless card no matter what you do.  All is not lost.  There are a number of resources that will help you find a wireless card that will work in Linux. 

One way to find a compatible card would be to go to your hardware configuration tools and look at the drivers available.  This would not be a practical solution.  What to do?  Look at the hardware links on the Internet and find one that will work for you:

An Awesome Overall list of WiFi Linux resources!

Absolval Resources  Linux-wlan driver compatibility list  This one also has links to Amazon of cards/adapters that are compatible.

Prism 2 Cards 

Atmel AT76C502/3/5A based wireless USB devices

I highly suggest that you print out a list and take it with you when you shop!  That is the only way to find one that works.  If you know the component manufacturers then you can find one that works no matter what label it wears.  Most of the units have the same chipsets in them despite the name on the outside.  Research until you find what that chipset inside is called. You can pick up units for as cheap as $5 to $50 for inexpensive ones and up from there. 
In major computer shops you can look right on the box to see if it matches.  Online shopping may require some research to find out what is behind the name.

Happy Hunting!

I hope the Wireless series was of good help to you . . . . and that by now you are WiFi connected . . . . . I would like to thank Julia again for all the work she did put into these Tips !


-- Mar 15 2005 ( Revised Dec 13 2005 ) --

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