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( In Mandrake and PC Los )

After her recent struggles to get the wifi configured on her new laptop, Julia ( nickname "teacher" ) wrote us down a few very handy tips and useful links:

QUOTE (Julia @ Forum 2005)

Doing wireless is not easy at all in Linux.   If your card is not on the list, it may not work without hours of work or at all. 

The first thing to do is go to the Mandrake/Master Control Center and look at your hardware. At the very bottom of the list you will find a listing of the driver that Linux uses for it. That is the best clue on how to proceed.

If you have your router set up for WEP then I would put it at Managed (non-encrypted) until you know what to do next.

1. Start menu -> Configure Your Computer --> Mandrake Control Center
--> Hardware tab --> Hardware.

2. Look for your WiFi unit. If it is not there then you will have to
look at something different.  In Mandrake it should be under the heading "Ethernet".

3. If there, click on your unit and look down to the bottom where you will see the heading on the right of Misc.  Under Misc. it should list Module.  That module will be the driver you look for on the Run Config Tool in the next step.

4.  At the lower right you will see Configure Module and Run Config Tool. Click on the bottom right button labeled Run Config Tool.

5. Select wireless on the new menu.

6. At the next screen select a driver and scroll down and look for the
one you found and select it.

7. If it asks for more options if necessary just move on or fill in what you know.

8. If you get the option to put in a user name and WEP key, fill in
what you do use (I identify my laptop as "laptop"  )

9. If it takes you back out to start over we will have to do some more
research.  Try again before you give up.

10. If it finishes, reboot your computer (don't just log out of your
user as it suggests) and see what happens.

11. If it works celebrate as you just had one of the easiest installs for WiFi in Linux.

If this did not work do not worry -- all is not lost.  Sometimes it takes several times to get it to work.  If you have your router set up for WEP encryption, try to remove that on your router console before trying again.  You can add that back in after you get a connection.

If your wireless card just will not work, do not give up hope.  You can pick up different WiFi cards fairly inexpensively.  Further, you can look for a bargain card.  A USB WiFi connection is supposed to be harder to install, but that is what I use as my internal card just will not configure.

Some important links, contributed by Jeber and others:

An ATL thread on installing Wifi.

Drake 10.1 and D-Link products

Wireless networking

AbsoluteValueSystems  They have some excellent scripts that help here as well (wlancfg).

This was part 1 . . we will have a part 2 and 3 soon if / when we can get Julia to tell more about her secrets and adventures with WiFi  . . . . Thanks Julia !

Ivan reported us that for people on WiFi using PCLos 8.1 and 8.1a . . . . . you might want to stop the Shorewall firewall that is started by default, because it seems that if you have eth0 and eth1 ( 2 NICs ) and the wlan card is on eth1 all traffic on eth1 gets blocked.

To stop shorewall give the following command as root: "service shorewall stop" . . . .or open the MCC --> System --> Services and press the "stop" button there for Shorewall.


-- Feb 22 2005 ( Revised Dec 13 2005 ) --

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