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Sure you want to go on the internet with your Linux computer, here are however a few things you will have to take in account:

- - - Dial-in modems:

High on the list of incompatible hardware in Linux are dial-in modems, winmodems or so called software-modems.
( printers and scanners take a good second place )

Software modems are internal PCI card modems that fully depend on Windows-drivers to make the connection. These drivers are not Open Source.

An external modem is the thing you want to be able to dial your ISP.
But even not all external modems will run 100% in Linux, most of them do, however there are exceptions.
The site explaining this issue is Winmodems are no Modems ( Also have a look Here )
The best advice is, before buying a modem check the Modem Database of tested modems.
Also USB modems have issues with Linux so always do check the list !

More info on on Linux drivers for winmodems you can find: Here
For PC-tel and Conexant there are sometimes experimental Linuxdrivers available, but installing them can be extremely hard and in most cases they are only compatible with older kernel versions. So do yourself a favor and stay away from them, because every time you´ll upgrade your disto you will run into the same problems over and over again.

- - - Cable and ADSL modems:

If you´re on cable or have an ADSL ethernet-modem, all these problems won´t affect you.
( WARNING: Conexant PCI ADSL modems are incompatible ! The Speedtouch USB is supported but needs work to be done before you can get online. )

Next I will give you a list with compatible NIC´s ( fast ethernet cards )


-- Jun 3 2003 ( Revised Feb 19 2007 ) --

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