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ATTENTION: These instructions are for the HD install of version 1.0 and before ( some parts even before 0.4.8 ).
Versions beyond 1.0 are so easy to install that they do not need any intructions, just find the menu entrie for the installer and follow the wizard.

DSL HD install . . . . really simple, you need a 200 to 300 MB partition, best prepare it in advance, then just boot it as Live CD, and as it is booted up ( don´t download firefox yet ), just open a console ( "rxvt" as it is called in DSmall ) and type:

sudo dsl-hdinstall

When asked, just type the partition you want to use.

If DSL is your only distro you should type "Y" when the installer asks you wether it should install the bootloader Lilo, BUT When you are multibooting other Linux distros ( like Mandrake ) installing the DSL Lilo is not what you want. When finished, reboot into Mandrake to adapt Lilo . .

See Tip about Multiboot Lilo for moving the vmlinuz-2.4.20-xfs to a DSmall directory you will make in /boot from Mandrake.

These are the entries for /etc/lilo.conf:
- - - - - - -
image=/boot/DSmall/vmlinuz-2.4.20-xfs (this is the path to the vmlinuz you moved)
. . . label="DamnSmall"
. . . root=/dev/hdb9 (hdb9 should be the hdb you used)
. . . vga=788 (use the same number here as Mandrake)
. . . read-only
- - - - - - - -

# /sbin/lilo

is the last action to check if all is well . . . and write the new lilo to the MBR

NOTE: Next versions can be installed and booted without changing lilo as long as the kernel-version ( vmlinuz ) used in DSL stays the same.


Then boot in DSmall . . . . that should go smooth . . . Now there are 2 more things to do:

UPDATE: In the new version 0.4.8:
The adaption of startx ( temp directories ) and xsetup, described here below, are not needed anymore. The HD install script is improved.

1). There are 3 lines in /usr/X11R6/bin/startx that should be removed: ( in the DSmall terminal "rxvt" )

$ sudo vi /usr/X11R6/bin/startx ( DSL uses the ¨sudo¨ prefix for root commands  )
< i > ( to put vi in insert mode )

These lines should be deleted:
export TEMP=/var/tmp
export TMP=/var/tmp
export TMPDIR=/var/tmp

( put the cursor on the lines to remove and press the delete key )

Save and close the file:


2). We will save the start-up settings:

$ sudo

Follow the on screen instructions and the job is done !


PS: It is possible to add packages with MyDSL . . . see Tip Damn Small Linux: MyDSL

-- Sep 17 2003 ( Revised Dec 16 2005 ) --

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