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From a real ¨Linux Explorer¨

Steve_H was completely new to Linux as he did his first install of RedHat. Hearing all the stories that Linux was so hard to install, he was pretty nervous to start with, the bigger was his surprise that the actual install process was so easy and smooth. He wrote us in 9 steps how to go about installing RedHat 9.0:

QUOTE (Steve_H @ June 6 2003)

This page sums up everything I did to get Red Hat 9 installed and running.

1. Checked Red Hat web site for hardware compatibility.
-- I checked my system by looking at my manuals and running Compaq and Windows diagnostics.

2. Downloaded iso files to hard drive (600+MB each).
-- iso files are "images" of the files you'll need that fit one iso file per disc.

3. Downloaded check sum file [md5sum (string of numbers)] from same location as iso files.
-- To make sure the iso files were downloaded perfectly, compare this file's numbers with the numbers generated by the check sum checker following.

4. Downloaded check sum checker and installed it.

5. Ran check sum checker on the iso image files and compared against the check sum file.

6. Downloaded Nero CD burner and installed it.
-- If I burned the iso image files with Windows' default CD burner, they would be burned as iso files, which are not suitable for booting from. So I downloaded Nero, which recognizes image files and burns them correctly, separating all the files properly.

7. Burned iso image files to CD with Nero.

8. Inserted CD into Compaq Presario CD-ROM and booted up.
-- I thought I needed to press F10 to change the BIOS settings, but there were no settings for changing the bootup drive. It turns out that the Compaq read the CD drive boot info and booted from the CD with no problems. It was exciting when the Red Hat logo showed up in place of the Windows screen.

9. Download manuals from Red Hat site.
-- As I am finding out, Linux does things very differently than Windows!

Steve H

Thank you Steve, this will help the "Linux Explorers" get their feet wet.


-- Jun 6 2003 ( Dated ) --

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