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MUST READ before installing 9.2 Mdk, Warnings, bugreports and install tips

There are a few important unresolved issues with the new Mandrake 9.2.
We ask you to read the following with great attenttion:

A ). Problems with fried LG CD-ROM Drives and Burners, see this thread. And Mandrake errata:

B ). Lost Menu Entries after updating and/or adding software, read solution in This post

C ). See/read the mandrake errata page:

D ). Tips for a simple install: ( 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 important for everybody ! )

QUOTE (Bruno @ Oct 23 2003)
Tips Mandrake 9.2 install ( The simple way ):

1). Go for all the defaults the installer presents you. ( do check if the partitioner leaves enough space for your Windows )

2). Choosing packages: all on the left side the defaults + Gonme and KDE on the right ( If you do not run a server ( you absolutely need the development packages )

3). Overview configuration: . . check if there are no items left un-configured ( if so config them )

4). Install Lilo in MBR

5). Make a boot floppy too ( Problems ? Look here:  Formatting floppy 1722kB and Making boot floppy  )

6). Update after install . . . 100 - 200 MB ( already ! Drakx, Harddrale, KDEbase, Gnomelibs Mplayer and many more) Don´t do all the updates at once, take groups of 4 - 6 at a time and give the process time to finish before closing the MCC ! ( Most US and French mirrors are useless, so pick a update mirror from the Netherlands or Germany)

7). After the Install, get more programs in the MCC, the default install, even with all the packages is pretty minimal, there is plenty more on the CD´s you can install with the normal "add software" in the MCC ! ( Don´t forget to run the updates again after installing the new programmes )
8). Install anacron !!!! ( See Cron and Anacron )

WARNING: After updating/adding software: do not open the menu for 60 seconds . . it has to be written to cache  ( Related to menu problem mentioned above )

Have FUN !!

E). Additional info about making a boot CD to replace the boot-floppy: Look here


-- Jan 6 2004 --

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