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Owyn wrote and tested the procedure to make an update CD for Mandrake 9.2 ( NOTE: I updated it recently to 10.1 ):

QUOTE (Owyn @ Nov 20 2003)
This procedure describes HowTo

- Create a Mandrake 10.1 update CD

The procedures have been tested and adapted to Mandrake 10.1
Any updates will be applied to this initial post. Questions anyone?

Note: Last updated 12-14-2005 ( adapted to Mandriva 2006 )

To create the CD:


# Create the CD - This procedure uses a new temporary directory to download the update files
# and create the ISO for burning. The recommended ftp site for the files is
#  Create and change to new directory
mkdir updatetmp
cd updatetmp
# Retrieve the update files using wget. This will create a Mandrake directory tree.
wget  -nH  --cut-dirs=5  -r
# wget finished - should have about 378MB of downloaded files.

# check the downloads
cd official/updates/2006.0
md5sum -c md5sums
# NOTE: the end of the list gives errors for the srpms that you did not download because you do not need them.

# Go back to temp directory
cd ../../..

# create ISO for burning
mkisofs -R -o update2006.iso official

# burn the CD
# first check your recordable device. On my system the device is /dev/hdc
dmesg | grep CD
# Now burn it
cdrecord  dev=/dev/hdc  update2006.iso


Open the MCC --> Software --> Media Manager and uncheck the normal update source and ALL other sources EXCEPT the CDs, after that close the MCC again !! ( or else you will get a locked rpm database )

Then put the update CD in the drive and ( as root ):


# urpmi.addmedia UpdateCD removable://mnt/cdrom/

# urpmi.update -a
# urpmi --auto-select

And you should get a list of the updates for your system . . . just reply with Y to the question if you want to install them and that is all there is to it.

After that you can re-check the sources you had unchecked before you started. And if not yet present configure the regular update source for the additional updates that were posted after the CD was made.


Thanks Owyn, now the ones who adopted a dial-up user can make and send them the updates too !
The original thread can be found here:

-- Nov 14 2003 ( Revised Dec 14 2005 ) --

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