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Damn Small Linux: MYDSL

Here is an interesting thing for D Small Linux users: myDSL !!

QUOTE (Info @ Website)
The latest addition to Damn Small Linux is the so called "DSL extensions". These are extra applications not present on the 50MB CD, but available for installation with a simple command that fetches and installs the desired application from a central repository:

"During our last release we incorporated a system which makes it easy to add extensions to DSL. Over the last couple of weeks our user base has made several interesting live CD packages which can be boot from the CD, or any other place which the distro is able to read (hard drive, pen drive, etc). The users have done some good work getting these applications packaged so that they are a drop-in and there are some nice files already available."

Some of the "nice files" include Quake 2, GIMP, MPlayer,, Ruby, Samba and many others.

Now, how to do this . . and what are the extensions available . .

Here are the extensions:

What you do is make a directory in /home/dsl and call it "optional" :
$ mkdir /home/dsl/optional

Then you download the extensions to that directory. ( let us say for the example we take Gimp )

After that you start emelfm:
$ emelfm

And navigate to /home/dsl/optional . . . . you select the package ( Gimp ) you just downloaded and then: in the middle of emelfm there are buttons, the top botton is called "myDSL" . . press that button ! . . . . . Now close emelfm and you will see that at the top of your fluxbox-desktop-menu an item is added: "myDSL" and it unfolds to see "Gimp" !!

You can add as many items as you want the same way to that myDSL sub-menu !!!

Have FUN !!!


NOTE: Recent versions of Damn Small Linux ( 2.0 ) have a GUI frontend for MyDSL downloads. You still need Emelfm to install the extentions, but it then even creates a desktop icon for the installed applications

-- Jul 22 2004 ( Revised Dec 13 2005 ) --

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