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Our friend, and moderator on the PCLos forum Ikerekes, provided a link to a few PCLos tips posted by Texstar.
I think it is worth to post it seperately.

QUOTE (Texstar)
This list may answer some common questions concerning PCLinuxOS.

Q. When I boot pclinuxos from the LiveCD, Im getting out of space errors when trying to create /etc /home /root?

A. You are running out of memory when booting PCLinuxOS. Recommended memory is 256 mb. Many directories need write access so PCLinuxOS copies these directories into RAM memory. Buy more memory.

Q. What is the password for root and guest?
A. The password for root is root. The password for guest is guest.

Q. When I boot PCLinuxOS the cd hangs when probing usb?
A. You might be able to get past this by typing livecd nousb at the boot prompt.

Q. When booting PCLinuxOS, why do I see failed messages when probing for usb?
A. This is normal. PCLinuxOS tries to modprobe different kernel drivers for your usb port until it finds the correct ones.

Q. When I booted PCLinuxOS all I got was a black screen with a prompt?
A. hwdetect could not determine the correct video driver for your video card. You might be able to boot my typing livecd xdrv=fbdev at the boot prompt. fbdev is a generic driver that should work with most video cards. If this option does not work, log in as root with password root, type XFdrake to set up your video card. Log out of root by typing exit, log in as guest with password guest and type startx to load the desktop.

Q. Why does livecd hang at starting non-interactive mode and nothing else happens?
A. This usually indicates a bad cd burn. Try another brand of CDR or burn the CD at a lower speed. I have had very good success at 16x speed

Q. Can I install software while running the livecd?
A. No, the crdrom is read only, however you can install software from our repository after a hard drive install.

Q. Why does my computer freeze when trying to boot the livecd?
A. Some motherboards require additional kernel options passed at the boot prompt. You may be able to boot by typing livecd noapic nolapic acpi=off at the boot prompt.

Q. I'm not setup on broadband, how do I stop the livecd from trying to bring up eth0?
A. Type livecd nonetwork at the boot prompt.

Q. I've setup my usbkey but when I log in as guest it doesnt have my previous settings?
A. When booting the livecd type livecd home=usb to let the livecd know you have a key plugged in.

Q. Where is the installer and the usbkey setup routine?
A. Log in as guest not root and click the icons on the desktop.

Q. How do I set my computer to boot from CDROM?
A. This is a bios setting. When starting your computer you will see output on the screen such as Press Delete, F2 or F10 to enter setup. This will take you into the bios configuration screens. What you want to do is set the first boot device as cdrom and the 2nd boot device as the harddrive.

Q. How do I restore the bootsplash with the progress bar on the hard drive install?
A. Click on Master Control -> Boot Theme -> OK

Q. The old way of restoring lilo doesn't work any more with P8?
A. The P8 is changed to udev from devfs. That's changing one command:

su to root
mount -t proc none /dev/hdaX/proc
mount -t none /dev /dev/hdaX/dev -o bind
chroot /dev/hdx
lilo -v

(X = partition where you installed ie /dev/hda5)

Q. How do I set up my desktop to see my other drives and partitions?
A. Open KDE Control Center -> LooknFeel -> Behavior -> Click the Device Icons Tab and Check the box Show Device Icons. Click OK

Q. I can't burn cd with k3b as user, only as root
A. With kernels 2.6.8 and up cdrecord shouldn't have to be suid program. as root issue command: chmod -s /usr/bin/cdrecord

Thanks to Ikerekes and Texstar !!

Additional PCLos 8 tips can be found on the forum


-- Dec 30 2004 --

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