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Reading the documentation of PCLos 9.2 lately I came accross a nice new little tool "redo-lilo". This is a tool that allows you to restore the bootloader of a HD installed PCLos using the Live CD.
See, when you dualboot Windows and Linux you sometimes have to go through the routine of reinstalling Windows, but with reinstalling Windows you will automatically overwrite the MBR and thus loose your Lilo bootloader.
Now, with the new script "redo-lilo" included on the PCLos 9.2 you can re-write your PCLos Lilo bootloader to the MBR and in no time you will be smiling again.

Here are the instructions from the PCLos documentation:

You will need your live CD. Put in the Live CD, and reboot the computer. Eventually you will get to the login screen. I recommend that, on this occasions, you log in as root.
What you do next depends on the version of Live CD you have. With preview 0.92, we have included a little tool for you called redo-lilo. You can run this tool to repair the broken bootloader for you!
Open a konsole ( Startmenu -> Terminals -> Terminal Program (Konsole) ) and type "redo-lilo". Follow the on-screen directives and when done, reboot to your repaired bootloader and log in to your PCLinuxOS installation.

NOTE: In PCLos 94 the name of the utility changed to "redo-mbr" . . . and BTW at your wish it does restore Grub to the MBR as well.


-- May 28 2006 ( Revised Feb 03 2007 ) --

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