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PCLOS TWEAKS ( Preview 5 and 7 )

Here is a quick few tips for fixing a couple of things after the HD install, and further down for after upgrading:

After HD install

1). The fancy icons in Open Office will be gone if you create a user account, do:

# cp -r /root/.openoffice/user/config/soffice.cfg    /home/bruno/.openoffice/user/config

( Replace "bruno" )

2). The nice mouse pointerwill be gone after the creating of a user account, do:

# cp -r /root/.icons/ /home/bruno/

After upgrade

1). The KDE startup sound will be changed to the default KDE tune . . . to get Texstars tune back ( what is the name of that track ? ) do boot from the CD and:

# cp  /initrd/loopfs/usr/share/sounds/KDE_Startup.wav  /mnt/hda6/usr/share/sounds/TEX_Startup.wav

( Change the hda6 to the partition the PCLos HD install is on. Also this changes the name of the .wav to TEX_Startup.wav because KDE_Startup.wav already exists, so when you go in the "notify" section of KDE Control Center, that is the file to look for. )

2). The "/etc/apt/sources.list" will be replaced and set the default to the ibiblio mirrors . . . change it back to "nluug" for quick downloads.

3). Upgrading to Mozilla 1.6 will make that the plugins in the Konqueror browser not work anymore because it points to the Mozilla 1.5 directory.
Go to preferences of konqueror and in the plugins section add:


4). After the upgrade the entries in the KDE Control Center will be empty . . . . do this:

QUOTE (Texstar @ PCLos Forum)
1. update to the latest menudrake and menu rpms from apt-get
2. delete everything in the /etc/menu directory
3. delete the applnk-mdk and applnk-mdk-simplified directory in .kde/share
4. delete the .menu directory in home
5. update-menus -v when it stops press return to get to the konsole prompt
6. run menudrake and save
7. check your kcontrol to make sure everything is still there.

Now you should be able to edit your menus as needed and not lose kcontrol settings.

5). There is a very cool cursor theme chooser program for PCLos and Mandrake 9.2, including a bundle of different cursor themes.
You can get the program here:

Once downloaded install it ( as root ) with:

# rpm -ihv cursor_themes-0.0.4-1mdk.noarch.rpm

Then run the program as normal user with:

$ choose_cursor

and you will get a small GUI window where you can choose from 45different themes

Other language in PCLos

For KDE you need these packages: ( Example is Dutch=nl )
locales-nl-2.3.2-5mdk.i586.rpm ( From Mandrake 9.2 CD )
kde-i18n-nl-3.2.0-2mdk.noarch.rpm ( From Mandrake 10.0 CD, because it is KDE 3.2 )

For OpenOffice:
myspell-nl_NL-1.0.2-0.20030824.1mdk.i586.rpm ( From Mandrake 9.2 CD )
myspell-hyph-nl-1.0.2-0.20030824.1mdk.i586.rpm ( From Mandrake 9.2 CD ) ( From Mandrake 9.2 CD )

PS: You can download them from ftp.nluug too
For 9.2:
For 10.0:

Have FUN with PCLos !


-- Mar 25 2004 --

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