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CD-ROM and CD-RW drives in Slackware

WARNING: Since Slackware 12.0 uses the 2.6 kernel, HAL and D-Bus this Tip is obsolete !
( In Slack 12.0 No entries in /etc/fstab for the CD and DVD devices are needed. Just adding yourself to the plugdev group solves mount problems for CD and DVD. )

There is a note addressed to root in an internal mail on every Slackware install, basically it says this:

"You can pass the "hdc=ide-scsi" option on a boot disk command
line ( Or include in the append line of lilo ).
Once you do this, your CD-RW device will appear as a SCSI device
(/dev/scd0) rather than an IDE device (/dev/hdc). If this is the only
CD-ROM type device in the machine (there's no DVD drive, for instance),
then you'll probably also want to change your /dev/cdrom symbolic link
to point to the new SCSI device instead of the old IDE device:"

#  rm /dev/cdrom
#  ln -sf /dev/scd0 /dev/cdrom

Also, Rolana indicated that if you have the CD-ROM on hdb and the CD-RW on hdc you might want to change the permissions on hdb if you want to be able to listen to music CDs from the CD-ROM:

# chmod 777 /dev/cdrom

Multiple CD devices and fstab

In most cases Slack only sets up one CD device in /etc/fstab . . . it is simple to add the DVD or CD-RW yourself . . . check with "ls -al" where /dev/cdrom links ( hdb or hdc ) and make your lines like this:

QUOTE (Text @ Fstab File)
/dev/cdrom        /mnt/cdrom        iso9660     noauto,owner,ro  0   0
/dev/cdwriter    /mnt/cdwriter     iso9660     noauto,owner,ro  0   0

In this example, unlike in the example at the top of this tip, /dev/cdwriter is linked to /dev/scd0 . . . . and make sure you make "/mnt/cdwriter" so the fstab can mount it there.


-- Oct 19 2004 ( Revised Jul 4 2007 ) --

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