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( For applying on several installs/computers )

Imagine you want to mirror the Mandriva updates ftp directory locally so you can use it to update several installs ( or even just one ). Here is how you do it.

Preparation: ( Assuming that you have a backup partition on hdaX where "X" represents the number of the partition )

# mkdir /mnt/hdaX
# mount /dev/hdaX /mnt/hdaX
# mkdir /mnt/hdaX/MyUpdates

Now the real action, this is for the MDV 2006 updates: ( command is ONE line ! )

# rsync -P -v -r --delete /mnt/hdaX/MyUpdates

This will download the updates . . . . I used "rsync" and not "wget" because with rsync you can use the exact same command next time ( every day if you want ) to "update" the updates, it will then compare your directory with the remote one and only download the changes, rsync is pure magic !!

Once all the updates are downloaded you add the "new source" to the urpmi.cfg with:

# urpmi.addmedia update_source file://mnt/hdaX/MyUpdates/ with media_info/

Finally, go to the package manager in the Mandrake Control Center, section rpm-sources and tick the "updates" box for the update_source.

Now every time you do the updates in the MCC it will look in /mnt/hdaX/MyUpdates if there are new updates available and install them if needed. ( sure, you have to rsync the /mnt/hdaX/MyUpdates first with the command printed above. )

Have fun ! ( and make sure that during all this time the /mnt/hdaX is mounted !! )


PS: You can also burn the updates to CD: "mkisofs -R -o Update.iso /mnt/hdaX/MyUpdates" will make an ISO file which you can use to make the UpdateCD. ( See also the second part Here on how to use the UpdateCD )

-- Mar 06 2006 --

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