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If you want to backup your mail, addresses and appointments from Evolution, to import them later in an updated version of your distro, or in Evolution of another distro. All you have to backup is the ¨mail¨ directory you will find in /home/bruno/.evolution.

Later you can either import the files with the import-function or just replace the ¨mail¨ directory.
With the import function you have to browse to the ¨inbox¨ files you will find in /mail/local/inbox for your mail, any subdirectories you made will also be there.

For only importing your addresses, either copy /addressbook or import the addressbook.db that you find in /addressbook/local/addressbook.db. ( I think just copying the ¨addressbook¨ directory is the easy way and in previous versions the import function did not always do what you wanted it to do )

For only importing the tasks/calender you do the same as with the addresses.

Backup /home/bruno/.evolution/mail/pop, /home/bruno/.evolution/mail/config the /home/bruno/.gconf/apps/evolution and the /home/bruno/.gnome2_private/Evolution for the settings of your ISP/pop-mail addresses.

If you make a backup from the ~/.evolution directory to CD on a regular basis, the day that something serious will strike your computer you will just grab the CD and be able to get Evolution back in its old state in a flash.


PS: Another handy file to backup: Export your bookmarks to a file in your home directory and put that on the CD as well. ( Edit bookmarks, in the menu-bar --> bookmark --> export and you can choose where to put it, Mozilla exports them in HTML, that makes it easy to import in Galeon, Firebird, Konqueror and of course Mozilla. )

-- Jul 29 2003 ( Revised Dec 15 2005 ) --

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