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If you have enough space on your linux partition you can make a full backup of your Windows ! ( no Ghost-image needed )
And easy to restore if you ever need to. ( would not be the first time would it ? )

Here is what we do, first we have a look if we have enough space:

$ df -h | grep /win

Look at the second number, the first is the total space, the second the used space the third is the available space on your C drive.

Then do a:

$ df -h

To see where there is enough space in your /home or /backup partition.

Now the fun starts :

$ cp -p /mnt/win_c /home/bruno/backup/
( or where ever you want to save the backup )

That´s it ! Easy as pie. Backup is made, you´re safe from fatal injuries.

To restore: Delete all the files on your C partition ( do this in Linux ) and:

$ cp -p /home/backup/win_c /mnt/

and tell it to overwrite the existing win_c if it asks you !

You can also restore just one file ( registry ) or just all the \system files.

NOTE: The -p argument preserves the time and date stamps of the files.

To save space you could also compress the files, time and date will stay in tact without any added argument:

QUOTE (Peachy @ Forum 2003)
Another alternative is to use tar to create a compressed image of your Windows partition:

$ tar -cvzf win_backup.tar.gz /mnt/win_c

This command will do it because the -z parameter will automatically use gzip to do the compression.

To restore you simply do "tar -xvzf win_backup.tar.gz"


-- May 22 2003 ( Revised Dec 18 2005 ) --

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