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Here are the results of a thread that invited everybody to send in their favorite keyboard shortcuts.

I started off myself to give an example:
Ctrl+F1 to Ctrl+F5 = to change desktops I am using at the same time
Ctrl+r = to refresh Mozilla or Galeon
F9 = to get mail in Evolution
Ctrl+r = to reply a mail in Evolution
Ctrl+Enter = send mail in Evolution

Greengeek did send us:
For lefthanders with arthritis one click and hit enter is easier than a double click. Only works well for leftys unless you can get a lefty keyboard.
OK it's a piece of useless information but if you've ever tried a double click on a cold morning you'll know exactly what I mean.

Havnblast knew that the old windows ones work in Linux to:
Ctrl + C ( copy )
Ctrl + V ( paste )

Or even more convenient are the ones Philippe showed me:
CTRL + INSERT ( copy )
SHIFT + DEL ( cut )
SHIFT + INSERT ( paste )

twistedcranium came up with only one, but a very good one:
CTRL-N opens a new Mozilla (and likely Netscape too) browser window!

Chr1s offered us his input:
CTRL+SHIFT+N - New Tab in konqueror (KDE Web Browser/ File Manager)
Windows Key - Opens KDE Menu (on my system anyway - Mandrake 9.1)
ALT+TAB - Switch between open applications (yes, it works in Linux too!)

Greengeek also gave us two links to sites that have far more of them:

pc-tecky posted:
Alt+F2 will open the "run command" dialog

From Jodef:
Alt + F1 : K menu
Alt + F3 : Active window menu ie maximize,minimize etc.
Alt + F4 : Close active window

And closing of the series myself again:
F11 = fullscreen ( in Mozilla browser)
Ctrl+w = close tab ( in mozilla browser )
ctrl+d = bookmark page ( in mozilla browser )
Ctrl+s = save ( in, press it from time to time if you don´t want to be retyping your text all the time ! )

I had to come to the conclusion, that keyboard shortcuts are not as popular as they used to be, people just love their mouse and the more buttons it gets, the less they start to use the board that has ALL the buttons on it.


*anyone wishing to see his name added to the list above, just send me a PM with your shortcuts and I will edit them in

-- May 28 2003 ( Revised Jan 18 2006 ) --

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