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You will probably have noticed that since KDE 3.0 there are by default only 4 screen savers included. Also adding them from does not really work like it should . . . .

The solution is simple: install ¨kdeartwork¨ via RPM or better even URPMI and you will see 27 screen savers appear in the KDE Control Module. ( kdeartwork is on your CDs )

27 Sceen savers not enough ?
Got a 3D accelerated card ?
Xscreensaver-gl has another 32 of them !

( Type: ¨xscreensaver-demo¨ at the prompt to see if they are already installed or not. )

A few commands:

$ xscreensaver-demo

( will also start the deamon, default: 10 minutes )

$ xscreensaver-command -exit

( will stop the deamon )

$ xscreensaver-command -restart

( will restart the deamon )

There is a .xscreensaver file in your /home where you can override the default settings.

A little script in KDE autostart with just the line ¨xscreensaver¨ makes the deamon startup at boot.

Read the docs:
about how to install and get them working.

Of course, as you´re logged in on the forum, there is more fun in reading then watching a screen saver.


-- Jul 1 2003 ( Revised Dec 15 2005 ) --

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