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UPDATE: Our forum member Steel came with a far easier way in the new XMMS:
Crtl + P --> audio 1/0 plugins ---> double click on mpeg layer -->then click on tab "streaming" ---> then tick box "save streaming to disk"
If this does not work for you, try it the way described below:

Today we attack the music section, 3 programs to play around with music files: ¨Vsound¨ for recording, ¨Lame¨ for converting to MP3 and ¨mp32ogg¨ to convert mp3 to ogg. ( ogg vorbis the copyright free audio format )

Ever wished you could record shoutcast audio stream ?
Here is a trick to record stream and convert it to mp3 in one go:

First you need two files; Lame and Vsound:

# urpmi notlame

( Hope you got the urpmi sources set up, it´s from the plf ), this will install Lame ! (Yes, I know the package is called Not-Lame, but it installs Lame  )

Then go to:
and download the file: vsound-0.4-1mdk-i586.rpm and do:

# rpm -ihv vsound-0.4-1mdk-i586.rpm

( While you´re in the directory you downloaded the file in )

The Fun Starts:

O.K. Here is the trick: First go to and pick out a station you want to record from. As soon as xmms will start playing you stop xmms and get it of your screen ( not minimize )
Now the code:

$ vsound -s -d xmms -p | lame -h "-" track1.mp3

( ¨-¨ stands for standard-out, just copy exactly ¨-¨ )
Thats all !

If later you want to convert mp3 to ogg you need the file ´mp32ogg¨ and do < mp32ogg track1.mp3 track1.ogg >
Installing mp32ogg: < urpmi mp32ogg > ( you need CD 1 & 3 ) ( ¨Perl-MP3-Info¨ and ¨Perl-String-ShellQuote¨ will be installed aswell, just sit back and let urpmi do the works )

NOTE: in some cases your ¨-¨ can gives problems, in that case do:

$ vsound -s -d xmms -p >track1.wav

( And convert it later to mp3 )

Or even at the same time:

$ vsound -s -d xmms -p >track1.wav&

( You will get your prompt back, then give the command: )

$ lame  track1.wav  track1.mp3

Have fun recording !


-- May 8 2003 ( Revised Dec 15 2005 ) --

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