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I am very satisfied with the integration of Spamassassin in Evolution, it does a really good job and detects 95 to 97 % of the 100+ spams idiots send to me.
But, there are some spammers that are getting clever, ( mainly they offer bogus Rolex watches and Cialis ) and they keep finding new ways to fool Spamassassin pretending they are regular text mails.
Sure you can train Spamassassin to recognize those too, but the spammers seem to know that and keep finding ways around.

With this little tweak below I managed to bring the effectiveness up to 99% and when a new product comes up I just update the file with a section of 3 lines and that brings back the smile to my face.

This is the file to add the sections:


And here is how I composed them, you will see that the actual word is there 4 times in 3 lines, 3 times in CAPITAL characters preceeded with MM and closed with 2. And one time between slashes and an i.
5.0 is the score that marks it as junk, I gave the last 2 a 3.5 because " pharmacy" and "medicines" are words that can be in regular mails too, only the chance of them being together is the biggest in spam.


body   MMVIAGRA2     /viagra/i
describe   MMVIAGRA2   mmrule
score   MMVIAGRA2   5.0

body   MMVICODIN2     /vicodin/i
describe   MMVICODIN2   mmrule
score   MMVICODIN2   5.0

body   MMPRESCRIPTION     /prescription/i
describe   MMPRESCRIPTION   mmrule
score   MMPRESCRIPTION   3.0

body   MMCIALIS2     /cialis/i
describe   MMCIALIS2   mmrule
score   MMCIALIS2   5.0

body   MMROLEX2     /rolex/i
describe   MMROLEX2   mmrule
score   MMROLEX2   5.0

body   MMLEVITRA2     /levitra/i
describe  MMLEVITRA2   mmrule
score    MMLEVITRA2  5.0

body   MMVIOXX2     /vioxx/i
describe  MMVIOXX2   mmrule
score    MMVIOXX2  5.0

body   MMVALIUM2     /valium/i
describe    MMVALIUM2  mmrule
score    MMVALIUM2  5.0

body   MMPHARMACY2     /pharmacy/i
describe    MMPHARMACY2  mmrule
score    MMPHARMACY2   3.5

body   MMMEDICINES2     /medicines/i
describe  MMMEDICINES2   mmrule
score    MMMEDICINES2  3.5

body   MMSOFTABS2     /softabs/i
describe  MMSOFTABS2   mmrule
score    MMSOFTABS2  5.0

body   MMMICROCAP2     /microcap/i
describe    MMMICROCAP2  mmrule
score    MMMICROCAP2  5.0

body   MMSMALL-CAP2     /small-cap/i
describe    MMSMALL-CAP2  mmrule
score    MMSMALL-CAP2   5.0

body   MMSMALLCAP2     /smallcap/i
describe    MMSMALLCAP2  mmrule
score    MMSMALLCAP2   5.0

body   MMTRADERS2     /traders/i
describe    MMTRADERSS2  mmrule
score    MMTRADERS2   3.5

body   MMEJACULATION2     /ejaculation/i
describe    MMEJACULATION2  mmrule
score    MMEJACULATION2  5.0

Additionally I found another little tweak on the PCLos forum, posted by Yama Here

It seems that if you add:


Mails with an MS executable as attachment will be seen as spam too !
Somehow the virus writers seem to have me scratched from their mailing list because I have not received one in a long time . . . so I have not been able to verify this one.


-- Jan 11 2005 ( Revised Dec 15 2005 ) --

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