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Here is a tip from our ever restless OS hopping Julia ( aka teacher ):

QUOTE (Julia @ Forum 2006)

You have been dual or triple booting with Vista as one of your options. Now you want to go and dump Vista from your boot menu yet it is not listed in Lilo. How do you do it?

1). You need to install Vista Boot Pro It will allow you to remove the boot configuration. You can do it from within Vista or from another version of Windows. I used it from XP. Here is what I did:

2). Run Vista BootPro. You will then see a window that looks like this:


3.) Click on Manage Entries. Then select the version of Vista you wish to remove. Click on the delete icon. Then press Save. When finished look for the Configure Tab.

4.) Click on Configure. At the top tell it your default “Windows” operating system. Then press save. At the bottom you may then click on that same operating system and change the name to what you want to call it. Do not, however, change the drive letter. Then click save.

5.) Exit out of Vista Boot Loader.

When you reboot you will find that your Lilo is unchanged but now your windows entry will only lead to one entry rather than a second menu to give you options.

Thanks teach, I will not be needing this myself but I am sure there will be penguins who do.


-- Feb 25 2007 --

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