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( most of these only in Mandrake)

As you klick on the Home icon on your desktop konqueror will open and show you the contents of /home. Right clicking on an empty space and selecting ¨new¨ will give you a context menu with several choices, at the bottom you will see the most interesting ones: ¨Link to application¨ and ¨Link to harddisk¨.

Lets start with the last one, imagine you want to access your windows partition very often, a direct link to your ¨C¨ drive might come in handy.
Rightclick, select ¨new¨ and choose ¨harddisk¨ , a window will pop up, on the first tab you fill in ¨Win C¨ and on the last tab you look for the partition of your C-drive. Click O.K. And youre done !

Now the ¨link to application¨, Lets suppose that you want to be able to start your favorite game while browsing your /home directory you can do the same as above but you have to know the ¨path¨ to the application.

Rightclick on an ISO file and you can directly choose to burn it to CD

Rightclick on a zipped file and you can unzip it.

Rightclick a directory or file to zip it.

Drag a file, link or directory on the ¨Desktop icon¨ and it will put a link on your desktop.

Point with your mouse to a sound file ( wav, mp3, ogg ) and you´ll hear music. ( if preview is enabled, see below )

Next to all this fun you can choose preview in the ´view¨ menu to have thumbnails from all your pictures, text documents, html files etc.

Put a music CD in your drive, click on the yellow star in the side bar and you can rip the CD to ogg files in seconds.
Acces the KDE ftp sites by clicking on the globe in the same sidebar.

Konquror is a great FTP client and sure you can use konqueror to browse the net too.

There is much much more to tell about konqueror. Send me tips in a PM and I´ll edit them in the text.


-- May 21 2003 ( Revised Dec 9 2005 ) --
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