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( Only Mandrake )

There are a few different ways to search for packages in the Mandrake Control Center. The search field can be used with wildcards ( * ), in names, descriptions and files. Any individual file in a particular package can be found this way. Also any terminology given in the information-panel can be found with the description search.

If you have a general idea of what you are looking for, then do a search using ¨find in description¨. If you know the name, you can search by using ¨find in name¨. You can use ¨find in files¨ in case your looking for a specific lib* file ( library ) and do not know what package it comes with.

Also you can have a look at 'all the packages', by group, size, selection state, source repository and update availability.
The feature ¨source repository¨ is the most interesting one.
Remember, it will not have many options nor packages under “by source repository” unless you first add a few different sources. Ones to consider are the “Penguin Liberation Front” (PLF ) and ¨Thacs¨. If you are a Mandrake Club member, then go to your Club preferences page and add a source for ¨contributions¨, ¨club-contributions¨ and ¨commercial applications¨.

When you have a look at the different packages available, you will find a wide variety of offerings, including games, educational tools, scientific tools, word processing, HTML editors, SWF editors, drawing programs, photo editors, sound/music manipulating software. Anything you can think of, you can find them there. If you have some free time, scroll down through all the programs available. Most of them have unusual names, so be sure to read the descriptions too ( for the descriptions you can choose ¨normal¨ or ¨maximum information¨ ).

I sure hope you have a fast connection, because when you are done browsing, you will sure be downloading a lot of them. ( If you have disk 3--the international CD for Mandrake, you will find many of the files here as well as on the other disks. )

Happy software browsing!


-- Jun 17 2003 ( Revised Dec 13 2005 ) --

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