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Want access to 100 GB extra software ??

There are the new sources you can add to the package manager of Mandriva 2005 to get extra software. Some of them everybody can add, but a few ( the last two ) are only for Club Members.

For those new to this concept, here how it´s done:

QUOTE (Bruno @ Forum)

Go to a console, log in as 'su' and paste the line after the prompt and hit enter.
Now it should work and get the list . . . be patient, it takes a while.
Then as you get the prompt back, close the console ( Ctrl+d , 2x ).

Now that we have added the source to your software manager, we can have a look at all the packages:

Go to the MCC --> Software Management --> 'Look at installable software and install software packages' ( the icon with the + ). Now you will see the text : 'All packages' under the search-box., 'All packages' 'by group' change the by group in: 'by medium repository' and you will get a list with the sources you can choose from: CD1, CD2, CD3 and also the Update source and the just added source. Click in the little triangle in front of the new source, and a list will fold out with all the packages you can choose from . . . . FUN, MAGIC, BLISS !

Here they are: ( Don´t click on the links but paste them in a root-console ) YOU HAVE TO BE ON LINE !


# urpmi.addmedia contrib  with

PLF-Free ( Needs the Contrib source )

# urpmi.addmedia plf-free with

PLF-NonFree ( Free to download and use, non-free as in licence ) ( Needs the Contrib source )

# urpmi.addmedia plf-nonfree with


# urpmi.addmedia thacs with


# urpmi.addmedia jpackage-test  with media_info/

Club Contrib

# urpmi.addmedia club.contrib with

>>> Only club-members

commercial packages

# urpmi.addmedia club.comm_i586_2005LimitedEdition http://NICKNAME:[email protected]/downloads2/comm/10.2/i586/ with ./media_info/

( Do not forget the replace NICKNAME:PASSWORD )

Club Testing

# urpmi.addmedia testing_i586_2005LimitedEdition http://NICKNAME:[email protected]/downloads2/test/10.2 with

( Do not forget the replace NICKNAME:PASSWORD )


NOTE 1: If you add the sources today . . and you want to use them, let us say next week, you first have to update them because new packages might have been added, and old packages might have been removed . . . so each time before using them do "urpmi.update -a" as root in a console !!

NOTE 2: Usually I only have the CD, Main and Contrib sources active all the time . . and only make all others active if I can not find the desired package looking in those 3 ( CD, Main and Contrib ) . . . . You will just get too many different versions of the same package if you have all the sources active all the time. Sticking to the native Mandriva ones is in general recommended !

-- May 17 2005 ( Revised Jul 27 2006 ) --

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