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If, after going through all the pain of installing your Nvidia drivers, your system boots up and shows you the Nvidia splash, you have that feeling: ¨YES, I did it !¨ It then you would like to know the actual numbers, the Frames Per Seconds ( FPS ) here is the trick to do it.

In a console as normal user:

$ glxinfo | grep rendering

This should return: ¨direct rendering: Yes¨

Now type:

$ gears

( If you get an error message you have to install ¨MESA¨ and the ¨MESA demo package¨ it´s on your CD )

If gears is installed a window will pop up with turning wheels in it, just drag it a bit to the side and watch your console all kind of numbers will appear:

From my GeForce FX 5200 card:
13553 frames in 5.000 seconds = 2710.600 FPS
13569 frames in 5.000 seconds = 2713.800 FPS
13594 frames in 5.000 seconds = 2718.800 FPS

Without 3D acceleration your FPS would be around 60.000 FPS

Sit back, see those numbers and finish that sixpack with a grin on your face !


-- Jun 03 2007 ( Revised Dec 13 2005 ) --

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