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George did send us a short how-to summing up the steps he had to take configuring his Conexant PCI dial-in modem in RedHat 9.0

He did download the drivers Here, choose the type of drivers carefully ( HCF or HSF ) and go to the download section. There are many types for all kinds of kernels and operating systems !

If you´ve been trying to configure the modem before without having much luck, a complete re-install of your operating system is the best advice, because there will be all kind of files conflicting with the new configuration you´re about to set up.

QUOTE (George @ June 5 2003)

1: Before Installing get your driver while in windows - and save it to disk -

2: install your distro

3: Right click and copy your driver RPM

4: Paste driver RPM into your home dir.

5: Open terminal and type su + root Password

6: install RPM using < rpm -i (your particular driver ) .rpm >(Wait for prompt to return this can take quite awhile)

7: Open internet configuration wizard

8: click on hardware tab and edit

9: type in Modem Device < /dev/ttySHCF0 > ( or if it is a hsf modem < /dev/ttySHSF0 >) ( without the < > )

10:Close and save all changes.

11:Open network device control and activate

Thanks George for submitting this description. I know you did this several times already, so anyone looking for help: George is the man you´re looking for  !


-- Jun 5 2003 ( Dated ) --

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