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If you want cron-messages to root and other local mail to arrive in Evolution you will have to configure a few things in Mandiva.
( For Kmail or Thunderbird see note at the end )

First install postfix ( in the MCC or simply "urpmi postfix" )

Next edit the "/etc/postfix/aliases" file. Here is the part to look for:

# CHANGE THIS LINE to an account of a HUMAN
root:          bruno

Then check what the hostname is:

# hostname

( On my system it told me the hostname was "jupiter" )

And with that info edit the "/etc/postfix/" file, this part:

myhostname = jupiter.localdomain
mynetworks_style = host
inet_interface = localhost

Next open a terminal and give the command to restart the postfix service:

# service postfix restart

Now we will send a test mail, type:

# mail root

You will see "Subject:", now type "testing" as the Subject, hit <Enter> and the cursor will wait on the next line for your input, so type "The Test" as the body of the e-mail and hit <Enter> again, next do <Ctrl+D> on the new line, this will close the mail and send it. ( you will see EOT printed and get your prompt back )

Next we will add a new account to Evolution:

- The email address is: [email protected]

- On the Receiving Mail tab:
Server Type: Local Delivery
Path: /var/spool/mail/bruno

- On the Sending Mail tab:
Server type: Sendmail

That's all, now you can "send and receive" and you will see the test mail we sent above arrive in your in-box.

NOTE: For Kmail the settings are basically the same, you can use "FCNTL" or "None" as locking mode.
In Thunderbird the account type is "Movemail"

Have FUN sending mail to yourself, to root or to other users on your computer.


Extra, some examples of sending mail in one command:

# cat /var/log/boot.log | mail -s "BootLog" root


# tail -n 40 /var/log/messages | mail -s "Log Messages" root

-- Apr 20 2007 --

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