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( FreeWorld DialUp with Kphone in Simply Mepis )

Our good friend Striker has made a how-to for Free World DialUp and how to configure it with Kphone in Simply Mepis. Here is his contribution:

QUOTE (Striker @ Forum)

Assuming you've registered for an account at (FWD), you'll have received an email with your new FWD telephone number. Now all that's left to do is configuring kPhone to be able to call and receive calls.
In order to be able to do so, you'll need to adjust the configuration of your Guarddog firewall amongst others. Let's try to guide you through the necessary steps to set up kphone step by step.

Step 1
In order to adjust the Guarddog firewall settings, open up a konsole as user and type the below code:


$ su
< password>
# guarddog

The guarddog firewall application window opens now, head over to the tab shown in the screen shot below :

. . .user posted image

In order to be able to call and receive calls the Netmeeting - H.323 chat option needs to be checked. After you have checked the option box, click Apply : a new window will open asking for your confirmation, click Continue. Again a new window will open telling you the firewall rules were modified, simply click ok to dismiss that window. Now click ok in guarddogs' main window.

Back in the konsole, type two times the exit command to get out of the root mode and close the konsole as user:


# exit
$ blah blah blah
$ exit

Step 2
Open up kphone: if there's not an icon in the kmenu to be found, instead of searching for the program's icon, click on "Run command ..." in the kmenu, and type in "kphone" - without the quotes of course: kphone's little main window will then open. It looks like the screen shot below:

. . .user posted image

Do not pin your self down yet as to what your kphone copy displays behind the sip: line, kphone isn't configured yet.
To configure it, in the kphone main window click  File > Identity ...  in the menu bar - see the screen shot below :

. . .user posted image

Now just fill in here all of your user credentials like you did when you registered for an account at FWD. Note : "your FWD number" consists of six numeric characters like 123456.
The FWD number is what you'll have received in the email after registering with FWD.

When you're ready click ok.

TIP : Your FWD telephone number actually consists of 2 parts : the picture below explains this.

. . .user posted image

Step 3
Go to Preferences > SIP Preferences ...  in the menu bar. See the screen shot below left:

. . .user posted image

Check those settings! Click ok.

Step 4
Go to Preferences > Audio preferences  ... in the menu bar : See the screen shot above right; check the settings: note the settings for Device for WriteOnly or ReadWrite. Click  ok.

Step 5
Go to Preferences > Video preferences ... in the menu bar Screen shot below :

. . .user posted image

Step 6
KPhone is configured now: repeat the steps above and check your settings once again. By now, in kphone's main window, the line behind sip will be filled with something else, namely your FWD telephone number followed by;

Now plug in a microphone and a headphone: back in the main window of kphone, type in [email protected], in the address field, - screen shot below - and click the first icon to the right of the address/number field (left from the video camera) : a new window will pop up asking your password - so fill it in, your user name will already be filled in automatically. Click ok.

After a few seconds you'll hear the spoken time and date through your headphones. After that is completed, the connection will be cut off automatically.

.   .user posted image

Back in the main window of kphone, instead of [email protected], type in [email protected], and click the first icon to the right of the address/number field again (left from the video camera), just like you did above;

After a few seconds you'll hear a ringing tone: once the other side connects, you'll hear a message with instructions to test the echo cancellation mode. 

Once the settings are to your liking, hit the Hangup button: screen shot below. You will be disconnected immediately.

. . .user posted image

Once these tests are over, you'll be ready to make your first real VoIP telephone call.

Happy FWD-ing / calling!

If you have problems, Striker will be happy to help you getting Kphone configured. Thanks a bundle for the clear howto Striker . . .


-- Nov 16 2004 ( Revised Dec 15 2005 ) --

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